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    Hmmm.. I'm not sure if this should be macro, still life or whatever but this is a shot of a dead moth.. that my gf brought over for me to shoot today.

    focus stacking method plus some fractalius.

    Thank you for Viewing.

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    Ok! Now this is weird.. as I was walking back after buying my food.. I found a bird dead as ever on the pavement.. so I went home got my camera and ran back to shoot some macro of the creatures that found their meal of the day.

    I know it isn't still life but it fit in well and is such a coincidence as I post two dead things in a single day..

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    is this really too morbid?

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    LoL yeah Draken, it is morbid to me

    But I find the moth shot beautiful, even in death.

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    actually I think so too.. but I guess it's a different thing to shoot that is interesting as it's not normal to see this every other day.

    But after I uploaded this, nobody wanna favourite my stuff on deviant art already =(

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    Good enough to work in Blk.9 of the SGH.

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    is that a cadaver unit?

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    think that is the morg

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    haha cool...

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    Yep, both are correct...dead body and morg...needs a lot of guts to work there, especially after hour. Have a buddy who works along the doc. when they perform post mortem. Pictures shown to me are many times more gruesome than this.


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