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Thread: Hi everyone....

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    Cool Hi everyone....

    Hi everyone...I am new face in this portal...Still need a lot to learn from all of u...I am going to start my photography courses soon,but till now don't noe which camera to buy...Anyone can advise?Would like to go more on wedding shooting.


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    for wedding photography,
    i suggest you go for D300
    or if budget allows go for D700

    at the end of the day it is important to have 2 DSLR for actual day wedding photography
    1 for backup.
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    get 2 5DmkII plus a few L Lenses and u be good to go..

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    Hi thkz for the advise...really appreciate it.....

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    Welcome to CS. I am new too. Welcome Welcome..

    For choosing camera, I think that is really personal, I bought a D90 last month, it is fine for newbie like me, and price is fair. You need to consider what is your budget and what you would like to shoot. That's what I am thinking.

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    Welcome to CS

    and if you read up. you'd realise that there are THREADS asking about camera choices ALL the time. And since we're not the user, we can only give rough ideas.

    YOU have to decide on your budget, type, functions and also progressive path on the camera you WANT.

    Go find out more first and also go down to the stores and handle the camera. See which feels more confortable to you.
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    Which camera to chose will depend on you not for us to tell you. Do a search to see which are the models within your budget then go to the shop to try them out. There'll be one that suits you best.
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