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Thread: greenhorn shots... again!

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    Smile greenhorn shots... again!

    hello gurus and newbies alike... here are some shots i experimented with... again, comments, suggestions, and advices are most welcome! shalom!

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    Default Re: greenhorn shots... again!

    thumbs up for the first image
    where's the place?

    2nd image i think there is too much black space.
    you should do a tighter crop.
    in this case maybe the taller building can be the main subject.
    i would prefer it if they stood out more instead of the black space.
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    Default Re: greenhorn shots... again!

    for the first pic, the place is somewhere in jb... thanks for viewing bro, i appreciate your advice...
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    Default Re: greenhorn shots... again!

    u haf another identical thread in landscape. pls keep to only 1 thread.

    this thread is closed.
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