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Thread: Cool! I made the top 8!

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    Default Cool! I made the top 8!

    In Fred Miranda's weekly assignment contest for my picture "Atlanta Cityscape". Theme for the week was "10 seconds"

    So exciting. First time participating, first time finalist.

    Those who are members there, please zhi chi if you see fit. Personally, i think the first 2 pictures are awesome!

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    cannot see. must login

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    Whooops. i think you have to be a member of the forum to be able to view it. Sign up for it! Its an awesome forum.

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    Alamak, you shouldn't tell us which one is yours what..... then we won't be biased in our voting. But i think your pic is awesome...... and right now you are a close second to the "Self Portrait"..

    I think the first pic is pretty normal but the idea behind that pic was fantastic!

    P/S: won't tell you who i voted for......

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    Yeah, i didnt expect to come to within 3 votes behind him. I was over 10 votes behind him yesterday. Hope i can come in at least 2nd and win that sweet Intellisharp action

    This is so exciting. I find myself checking the thread everytime i come online.

    Yeah i loved the idea behind the first and 2nd pics. The 2nd pic is awesome.

    I already have a pic ready for next week's assignment. Gonna try my luck again. Haha

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    I'm tied at 50 votes to 50!!
    Keep those votes flowing in people!

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    Sweet, i won the contest with 15 votes ahead of the 2nd placed guy. Its a miracle comeback!

    First time participating, win the first prize already. No more motivation to take part anymore

    Maybe next time can just keep aiming for 2nd to get those free photoshop actions


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