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    For this picture, I wanted to get viewers wondering at first and get "an a-ha!" moment when they see the statue's face in the background.

    Is there any way I could have done that better? Cropping it more maybe? or better post processing in terms of saturation, or sharpness, or brightness, to draw a person's eye?

    I'd really like to print this out and hang it on my wall. But then, is it good enough to get the above mentioned reaction, or is it just a "sharp image of a fuzzy concept" (though the sharp part is very small :P )

    Thanks very much for helping.

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    I think the concept actually worked!! the eyes started off from the lady in the front then i looked towards the back where i saw the focused face of the statue...

    i kinda like the picture.. lets see what the rest have to say.. =)

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    imho, you could burn a little the walls around the two faces..

    If you do that, i bet more eyes will 'snap' to the spot where the two faces are...

    And btw, is the blurring of the human face necessary?

    but nonetheless its such an interesting perspective...
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    it does not really work for me, because i do not understand why you choose the statue to be in focus, and the woman to be oof,

    what is your idea to be put forth here? just playing with dof? then you have succeeded, perhaps

    if you wish to have something more, a more comment-worthy photo, then think harder, how does your choice of dof , your choice of arrangement and composition, is it the best to portray what you wish to show?

    some will tell you, don't need to think about what you wish to show.. yes this will give you good photos, among with many bad ones. having a clear concept, having thought put in, it goes a long way in achieving consistency in photography. cheers!

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    If the statue face inline with the female face i guess it would be better.

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    Thanks for the comments people, I wanted the girl's face to be blurred to make the picture a bit different. I imagine people wondering why is this picture all blurry, but then see the statue at back.

    True, I should have aligned the faces a bit better, I was trying for a side profile for the two, and that was the only angle which would have gotten the statues face through the hole, but then, at that time this was the only angle i could get, longer zoom to enlarge the statue also wouldn't work as i was already pinned against another wall , and yes, this is kinda like a dof play attempt, and trying to make it a bit different

    I'll try and do some burning and see how that goes.

    Thank you again for the comments, helps me for future ideas and considerations too, appreciate it.

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    I really like this shot. Creative!

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    got to say it works for me too! like the way the statue is at the back..

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    The longer I look at the pic the more I like it. A good contrast between the sharp and blurr!

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    very different but creative. sweet!

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    I will hope to one day hang 'WOW!' pictures on my wall.... Ah Ha... sounds a bit of a puzzling feel. Like you have to spend some time thinking what is the picture about....

    You have successfully got me saying...Er....... Orh...... I see.........

    I need to think to understand but then I would forget this picture quite quickly.

    Do you really want to hang a Ah Ha picture on the wall?


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    bayon, siem reap right? for "faces" i was expecting more than two. also, the two faces were too far apart i think.. could have picked a different angle...


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