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Thread: Mid Year Trip to USA

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    Default Mid Year Trip to USA

    I'm planning to visit USA for a holiday trip between June/July this year.
    Spotted Cathay Pacific offering flights to US from S$1199.
    As such, I'm probably heading to San Francisco or New York.
    Departing on 16th June, return to Singapore on 16th July.

    During that time, seeking a photography partner:
    - anyone living in the area willing to bring me around?
    - or anyone interested in going along?

    I was thinking of places such as Yosemite, Grand Canyon & Niagra Falls.
    As well as all those famous buildings and night shots of bridges.

    Need not come for the whole month trip.
    We can arrange a period during which we will meet and travel to destinations together.
    By rental car or public bus, no problem either way.
    I have several plans made out and willing to discuss.

    Please PM me if you are interested.
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    Default Re: Mid Year Trip to USA

    I have just confirmed my ticket from Cathay Pacific.

    Flying to San Francisco on a $1199 ticket.

    Departing 16th June 1000H, returning 17th July, 2000H.

    Anyone keen on travelling either entire trip, or at certain bits and places?

    Please PM me!


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