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Thread: Hello, Newbie here

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    Default Hello, Newbie here

    Hi there,

    I'm a newbie who's always loved photography but have nv got a dslr.
    I've been looking around and still am undecided.
    How/why did you guys decide to get a canon, or nikon or olympus or other brands?
    Can share your views and advice?
    Many thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Hello, Newbie here

    Hello, welcome to ClubSnap,

    choice of brand are more or less is a personal preference. if you are really into photography in long term, you need to look into a system carefully. will your skill grows with your camera system or not?
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    Default Re: Hello, Newbie here

    this type of question is often being asked in CS, do a search hor...

    cos a canon guy will normally recommend canon, a nikon guy will normally recommed a nikon.

    first consider ur budget, then u slowly narrow it down.


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