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Thread: Printing photos at S8R

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    hi! I was hoping someone would be able to help me out on the following..

    Say if I have a photo at 2560x1920 px 72 ppi but I want to have it printed at Super8R which is 2400x3600 pixels at 300ppi. Is that possible?

    If I were to crop the photo (because of the aspect ratio) using the Crop tool in Adobe Photoshop with the specifications 8x12in 300ppi, will the image quality be affected? Or is there a different way to crop the photo?

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    if you print a 8"x12", at 300ppi, you need 2400x3600pixel

    for most labs, printing at 240ppi is still acceptable, since your original images is 2560x1920pixel, not a 2:3 ratio, all you need to do is to crop it to ratio, and keep it minimum at 240ppi, if you interpolate it to 300ppi is also can do, but it will not give you extra details or sharpness, is just for preventing pixellation.

    hope this help.
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    ok thanks!


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