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    Quote Originally Posted by twisted illusion View Post
    hi hi, 1st like to thk u for ur reply... alto my first post is long, maybe i didnt put in a english cs member understand... my question is not about understanding dpi or its relevance...

    my question is "my camera output via jpeg is only 180dpi... if i want it to become 300dpi, is it i must use 3rd party software"...

    hope u guys can help advise...
    don't be too bother what "my camera output via jpeg is only 180dpi... ... blar blar blar....."

    for 10D the max image size is 3072 x 2048, which is 2:3 ratio, a lab print usually asking for 300ppi, minimum is 240ppi, so your large jpg of 3072 x 2048 can print into a S8R photo (2400x3600 @300ppi, 1920x2800 @240ppi) if it is at 240ppi. if you print a smaller print size in 2:3 ratio, you need not to resize them.

    and so if your original image size is 3072 x 2048, and you send the same images size to print a S8R photo, there is not different whether you set your ppi at 72,180 or 300 by using photoshop, lightroom, faststone or whatever 3rd party 4th party 5th party programme, since the physical pixel size is still the same.

    if you still don't get it, just DO NOT PRINT ANYTHING BIGGER THAT S8R NOW.
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    Paiseh. Never read properly that u using 10D cam. My friend shot in JPEG can also blow to A1 size also no issue. Tested and proven cause display is in my friend's shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octarine View Post
    You haven't fully read the articles, have you? Let me quote:

    Which means: whatever Photoshop or other programs display is the size in pixels (Length * Width). Any DPI value is rather an estimated "what if the image gets printed" - leaving out the question which output dimensions are considered here.
    For you the question goes: if you want to print an image in 4R size how many pixels in length and width are necessary to achieve 300dpi? Again, Wikipedia has some answers:
    Your concern should be the absolute dimensions in pixels left after all cropping. Something that is usually displayed as "image size" or "image dimensions" and the measuring unit is "pixels", nothing else.
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