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    Just to share my still life picture "The Splash..."

    1. The Ring....

    2. The Strawberry....

    3. The Bubble....

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    I like the last one *clap clap*

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    Default Re: The Splash.... u do this? care to share the spects? which lens did u use?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DinoSG View Post u do this? care to share the spects? which lens did u use?

    I use small aquarium and put some black thing for the background and put the flash with remote trigger and diffuser on the right hand side with 1/8 power.
    I use remote release trigger to capture, for pict 1 & 2 i capture when the object hit water but for pict 3 i capture when the ring hit the bottom of aquarium and some bubble come up....


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