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Thread: sunset in malaysia

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    Smile sunset and sunrise in malaysia

    sorry for the lost in detials
    my scanner sux
    pls comment

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    like the first picture...

    very beautiful...

    you used film camera..?


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    I will be quite direct with my comments, hope you dun mind....

    I agree, i think your best among the three would be the first picture with the shadows and colours contrasting, but for critique, I think the shot is a little messy, as it lacks a focus, with trees scattered all over.

    For your second and third shot, what's the 2 white dots near the bottom left corner? dust? I sure hope so, cause if its not, then maybe your composition could do without the 2 dots, its rather irritating....

    Your second shot is ok, as in ordinary, but I think the composition is quite good, with more sky over the sea at the bottom, which brings me to the horizon. I feel that for landscapes, the horizons have to be straight, unless there is some form of dynamism to the picture. So you could do better in ensuring a straight horizon for the picture.

    Your third picture doesn't make the cut for me, abstract is good, but i think there's too much detail in there.

    Just my 3cents worth

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    thanks for the kind comment
    ya its dust on my scanner
    lost quite alot of quality tthere
    but iwill try to improve on my conposition

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuRfTeC
    like the first picture...

    very beautiful...

    you used film camera..?

    ya flim
    no enhacing
    just scan and crop and resize


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