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Thread: Photoshop CS & EXIF bugs?

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    Default Photoshop CS & EXIF bugs?

    Just gotten my PS CS retail CD... found this bug (?), just wanted to know if this is isolated to me:

    Try open a camera RAW file, then just save the file to either JPEG or TIFF format using the SAVE or SAVE AS command from the File menu.

    Now, use a viewer/reader than can read EXIF to open the saved file, i.e. iView Media Pro or EXIF-O-Matic, Breezebrowser, etc.

    I have failed to see any EXIF information now! All gone with the wing.

    Strangely, I can still see them if I use the PS CS browse window... is there something I missed here?

    There's no such problem with PS 7.01. and ACR 1.0

    Thanks in advance for any help rendered.

    P.S. I have tried D1x's NEF, 1D's TIF and D60's CRW... all exhibit this problem, no problem if you if you edit and save a JPEG file though, maybe this bug is just related to camera raw files.

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    Lightbulb Some answer

    Gotten some answer 3 hours ago, from Adobe's Thomas Knoll on this:

    Photoshop CS's metadata logic is based on XMP. ACR 2.0 transfers the exif data directly to Photoshop CS via XMP.

    You need to view the resulting images in an XMP aware viewer to see the EXIF data inside the XMP data block.

    So the EXIF data is there, not just in a form that older programs can see until they are updated to support XMP based metadata

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    Lightbulb What app support XMP?

    More info from Thomas Knoll... on what XMP viewer is out there now:

    There is Photoshop CS, if course, or any of the other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. On Windows, Adobe Album 2.0 supports viewing the XMP metadata.

    I don't know if any non-Adobe products that can view the XMP data yet.
    Not good...


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