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Thread: Stain on the viewfinder

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    got a question to ask...

    i took my 450d out for travelling shoot... then i found a speck of dirt on the view finder... took the lens out and tried to use a blower.. but it did not work.. so i used a cotton bud to clean.. but now it became worse.... the dust speck is gone but can see lines on the view finder... tried to clean it further but it did not work... picture comes out fine..

    it is on the top mirror when the camera is placed on the table... did i accidentally scratch it? anyway to clean it or shld i send it in to service center?

    thanks for the help in advance

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    it is time for u to visit csc and change the focusing screen....

    and don't touch any further!!
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    The focusing screen cost $5 buck from CSC the last time i change. Anyway till now dust still will occurred. I already heck care it as long as it dun affect the image.

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    Canon's viewfinders always tend to attract dust, especially for 5D and 5D Mark II. It is also difficult to clean as blowing onto the viewfinder makes it far worse. The dust is just blown further in which needs dismantling to clean. Unless you have experience in this area (I did have enough after having scratching the focusing screens and paying to replace it) just live with the dust or send it for cleaning. Once you get it clean, just NEVER blow into the viewfinder area in the mirror box.
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    if it is just the focusing screen and it cost $5... then it is ok.. i was so worried.. haha.. thanks


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