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Thread: Help with BroadBand, Mobile & TV plans

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    Default Help with BroadBand, Mobile & TV plans

    hi guys,

    Looking to synergise my home broadband, phone line, cable tv and mobile plans. I know there are some offerings from starhub hubbing and singtel Mio plans, but i find them really quite confusing. hoping to get some suggestions from the more informed brothers & sisters here. Thanks!

    Mobile - currently with Singtel, can upgrade phone now. Eyeing the iphone with data plan (flexi plan).
    Broadband - currently with Singnet, only can upgrade in Dec 09. Stuck at 1Mbps. Faster would be nicer.
    Cable TV - currently with starhub and like the programmes very much. won't switch to Mio TV.
    Home phone line - currently with Singtel, normal home line subscription.

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    Default Re: Help with BroadBand, Mobile & TV plans

    Starhub plan is simple. Just as long as you are a subscriber to Starhub mobile, Maxonline & cable TV, you can apply to be a Hubber which will give you additional discount for all your subscription plans plus a few additional perks. Digital voice(Which can replace your Singtel home line) is free as part of Maxonline.

    But if you are keen on the iPhone, then I guess you have to stick with Singtel for the moment.

    The integration is more for additional discounts and thats about it.
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