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Thread: Where do you buy your equipment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emjay Enterprises View Post
    For those who don't know me, I'm from Emjay Enterprises, the new distributor appointed by Pentax since April 09.

    Just a quick question- I'd like to know where you buy your equipment. If its online, which website and if its in a local store, which one? Maybe you can add some comments about your preferred choice.

    Thanks for your feedback and we'll meet up soon one day yah!
    I buy from online sources when the local price difference is excessive as opposed to other places or for stuff cannot get in SG one. Newegg, Ebay, Adorama, B&H are in the list of online resellers i visit.

    as for local shops...most of the time whichever shop selling the cheapest will be the crowd favourite so no comment on that.

    just to add, when i was using Canon..i frequented John 3:16, Alan Photo, Cathay Photo since in close proximity of each other.
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    Default Re: Where do you buy your equipment

    BG-2 Grip - Hong Kong thru a friend
    FA50mm F1.4 - Hong Kong through a friend
    K10D - second hand thru clubsnap
    K20D - Local Grey
    DA 40mm F2.8 - second hand thru clubsnap
    DA* 16-50mm F2.8 - Local Grey

    if Emjay can bring the prices to that of the online stores or that of (Pentax USA), I am sure more of us will buy from the local dealers. The previous distributor's pricing was way oof the mark.

    i am looking to buy more lenses locally in future, IF the prices is right.
    Pentaxian for Life
    K1, KP, FA*28-70/2.8, FA31, 43 & FA77 Limiteds, K85/1.8, FA*200/2.8, A50/1.2

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    K10D - 2nd hand from CS BnS
    FA 50mm f/1.4 - MS Color
    DA 18-250mm - local grey

    I think most of us would prefer to buy locally and support the local economy, but the price must be right. Pentaxians are generally resourceful enough to hunt down the best bargain for what we want. DCEmpire Ebay is selling K-m kit for ~$790 and K20D kit for ~$1200 you should try to match that. We're not too happy when the prices are obviously way above prices in other countries.

    If possible, please let us know what are the results of this survey you are doing, thanks.

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    K20D - OP
    DA21 - CS
    DA35 - Online
    FA50/1.4 - CP
    Tamron 90 - OP
    Manual lens - CS
    Lensbaby - Online
    Accessories - CP, TK, OP

    Actually it's not always about $$$ that purchases were made overseas. At times availability makes lots of difference too.
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    Default Re: Where do you buy your equipment

    CP and Online (Amazon and BH)
    Canon 5D2, 1dmk2n, 24-70 L, 70-200 L, 50 1.8

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    Hi everybody! Many thanks for all your responses. What you said has helped us in our planning.

    Take care!

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    Default Re: Where do you buy your equipment

    K10D + kit Lens - Alan Photo
    Tamron 70-300 - B&H Photo
    Remote F - Alan Photo
    ~*phanTAsmal*~ [Panasonic Tz7 & Pentax K10D]

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