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Thread: why are people so hung up on bokeh?

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    Default Re: why are people so hung up on bokeh?

    Maybe it's useful in some situations, e.g. my messy room/house when I try to take pics in it. Using a longer lens will only help to a certain extent,
    with a better bokeh, the background can be less distracting and if used in the right conditions may still produce an acceptable pic.

    Another thing which puzzles me more is in which some overuse the soft focus effect for wedding photos. If too much of anything is overused,
    will kinda feel like puking after going through all the photos, having a variety is best.

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    Default Re: why are people so hung up on bokeh?

    Quote Originally Posted by night86mare View Post
    in general, a lot of the photographer population (usually male, sadly) tend to pursue a lot of funny things, like

    1) fast ultrawide lens
    2) absolute corner to corner sharpness, even when wide open, which is weird, especially for landscape lenses
    3) high iso capabilities, when they do not usually shoot that much in the dark
    4) image quality comparisons, even when they know nothing about photography basics, in the end the camera shoot on auto, use iso 6400 and f/2.8 for night scene, they complain WHY SO GRAINY

    bokeh is just one more thing to pursue.. i say, nothing wrong with that, but when you end up pursuing more demands for gear rather than taking photographs with the gear.. then something is basically wrong with your concept of photography..

    maybe should rename yourself as "camera collector", instead of "photographer".. then can start a forum called "clubdrycabinet" instead of "clubsnap"
    same sentiments exactly man. my opinion is because this is an enthusiast forum ( analogous to hwz ), so people are spreading the virus around ( not necessarily BBB, but more anal stuff like why not sharp @ 200% crop when that guy isn't even going to print anything on paper.. )

    hence their recommendations for newbies are quite skewed at times..

    " why not u get this and this and that, total u spend 4k only, just get it right the first time, don't needa worry about other stuff liao "

    maybe 'obsession' should be the right word to describe some of the 'over'-enthusiasts? lol.

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    Default Re: why are people so hung up on bokeh?

    I see photos in magazines all the time that have poor bokeh, or portraits by professionals that do not have the creamy blemish free skin that is valued here, and I have to wonder why are these things so "prized" in this community.

    While I realise a portrait or even a photo is very different to a "snapshot" I still "baulk" since when asked, so many of the great photos of the 20th Century were snapshots, after all, isn't that really what photo journalism is, a snap shot of a place, event or time?
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    Default Re: why are people so hung up on bokeh?


    I'd always love my bokeh in circles(spheres). Some how circles tend to look more beautiful to me? Like light bubbles, just makes things look so circular? Ok maybe i'm not making sense

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    Default Re: why are people so hung up on bokeh?

    You need a lens with very smooth bokeh to shoot portraits of pple with bokeh (no teeth)

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