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Thread: Photographing people and fireworks

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    Red face Photographing people and fireworks

    1) Can someone teach me how to photograph people with fireworks in the background using DSLR? (I tried a few times... but the exposure not quite right )
    2) Should I use a flash to light up their face ? but then can't get the fireworks cos' it will be overexposed.
    3) How to compose such a picture ? (any photos to share ?)
    4) Can't I shoot without a tripod? ( I know tripod is a must, but I'm travelling.... so very clumsy to bring along)

    Pls help ! I'm very confused now....
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    Default Re: Photographing people and fireworks

    Please don't cross-post. You already asked this in the sony category.

    and yes, flash in a rear-sync config is needed. So you get a long exposure to capture the fireworks, and a flash to illuminate the people.


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