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Thread: Extended warranty for nikon

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    Noob here, but i'd like to check if nikon offers an extended warranty? As I know that canon does, and it's one of my deciding factors in choosing between nikon and canon. Thanks!(:

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    Yes, for nikon for a limited period and until further notice. You need to registered your camera online which will extended the warranty for another 3 months.
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    yeah, but for canon, you can top up like around $200, and extend the warranty for 2 more years, but nikon does not have such a deal right? Nikon just only offers the 3 months additional warranty..

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    buy from HN, can extend upto 5 yrs with 1 to 1 replacement if can not repair. but make sure you bargain hard enough because they may be quoting RRP. safest is go to HN-funan, i thick price is higher by another 5% but with the option to extend the warranty. personally for expensive items, i will buy from them and get the 4 yrs extended warranty.

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    Default Re: Extended warranty for nikon

    better resale value, if the camera is still under warranty
    new potential owner will not have to worry too much


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