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Thread: Sunset, dusk, night - 10/31 Civil & Financial district

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    really cool shots.
    Wonderful/magnificent they are! thumbs up.

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    Default I would get rid of that safety........

    My recommendation to use a tool in PS to get rid of that small little thingy on the bottom left hand corner for pix no.1. pix no.2, the little thingy for boat warnig move up higher and the third pixs is nearly on the middle of the frame. You can either crop it to be a little more panorama for the 3rd pixs.

    Just my suggestion!


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    Thanks for the suggestion, however I think I would like to leave it there as it is. To me, it's not right to add or remove thing from any scene, against my ethics.

    Don't think it should be cropped above the warning beacon as well... the scenes don't look right to me.

    Anyway, thanks again for your suggestion.

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