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    This is 2nd time I'm posting a thread about noise liao.I just dun understand y is it my cam always produce noise in the pics i took?I'm taking some shots of the sky in the afternoon,4+... got some nice clouds against the blue sky.
    Using A mode.Set to the biggest number cos in small numbers the number blink when i'm going to shoot.
    So when I came home,loaded the pics into my com,there it is,on the blue patches of the sky I see NOISE!argh... bright daytime noise also appearing in my pic.Jia lat ah jia lat..
    Is it something wrong with my cam?

    I need help.

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    Sounds like you set your ISO too high.
    High ISO = noise, noise, noise !!

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    I think he's using ISO 50, as in his previous thread...

    OK. some suggestion...
    Take a picture of the afternoon sky, or anything U thing the noise not acceptable.
    Post a 100% size crop of the noise here...

    Then we can comment whether it's ok or not...

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    no,this time using iso 100..
    i cannot post pic here leh...

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    the "noise" you are seeing may not be due to the usual high iso or low light reasons...

    check what are your jpeg compression settings on your camera...
    the higher the compression, meaning the lower the quality, results in a more computationally simple rendering of the colors of each individual pixel...

    you will see this as inaccurate noisy images...especially if you looking at a single tone like your blue sky.

    try setting you camera at the highest qualilty (not necessarly higest resolution) and perform the shoot again...
    i reckon you might have solved the problem...

    there is no reason why iso noise or low light noise should occur at the shooting conditions mentioned...


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    What is your camera? Some cameras exhibit noise and/or sharpening artifacts even when viewed 100% at lowest ISO settings. But when downsampled or printed out they should look ok.

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    My camera is Nikon Coolpix 5400.I have already set the resolution and stuff to the max I can.

    Zerstorer,wat do u mean by downsampled?

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    edwinywh : the best is show us a 100% of a pix la...
    else it's very difficult to get any good suggestions...

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    Sigh.... I can't post attachment here.Or else I would already have shown u guys the pics.

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    Edwin, I will try to understand your problem. You use your digicam, set to A mode, then point it to the sky on a bright day, right?

    If the above is correct, then I think you use a very small aperture, (ie a large f-number I think f16 or f22?) on your cam. Since you point it to the sky, the A mode will try to guess the correct shutter to use. Because the sky is bright, so the cam will choose a fast shutter (I think 1/250 or 1/500?) The cam will then underexpose (the cam is not as clever as you and me, it thinks the sky is bright so choose a fast shutter)

    If the above is correct, then you have a under-expose photo, probably about 2 stops under. Then when you want to see this photo on your computer monitor, you see it is very dark.

    For under-expose photo, it is common to see noise.

    How to prove this is right or wrong? You can use M mode, then keep the shutter constant, point to the same sky, then test-shoot at every aperture, probably from f2 to f22. Compare the results and tell us later.

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    Astin, It makes sense to me.

    Edwin, I dont understand why you cannont give us any link to your pic. Why not register to PBASE and upload you pic?

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    Erm,wats PBase?
    Sorry for my ignorance.But I did not upload my pics anywhere in the net.So therefore unable to provide link to let people see my pics.
    However,I would really like someone to enlighten me on where I can post my pics online and refer a link here.

    To Astin : Yup,I used Aperture priority to shoot the sky.I used f4.4 shutter speed 1/2000+.It let to some overexpose for some of the clouds.However,for the blue sky,the pic appears grainy.Then,darker side of the clouds,it will appears a little noise.
    The pic looks grainy is it because of the ISO 100 used?
    Anyway,I would next time try your method to use the M mode.

    Then could someone tell me anyway to let my cam save the pic faster?Sometime my cam really takes quite a while to save a pic and it make me lose the time to capture some moments.Does those CF cards which says 40X or 32X helps?

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    sign up a account there n upload the pics..
    but no hotlinking..

    u can onli paste the URL here to show us..


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