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Thread: Pls help - lost my camera!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lauLEE
    Actually though we can share your misery and frustration over the theft, I felt that you are being selfish in that your only interest is to get back your camera (which is almost impossible) and NOT to arrest that thief, who may continue to do the same to many others. (Just feel how these future victims will experience becasue the thief was not reported or prevented to do more mischief).

    As for how the thief would know, i guess there are some possibilities:
    1. He must surely be tall, over 1.7m so that by extending himself, he should be able to have a glance of yr inside,
    2. Yr father should have some idea on the race of that thief, dark or fair person, long hair?, just something he can remember,
    3. He must surely have been noticing you, posiible yr cameras attracted his attention, or even you may be a attractive person,
    4. He must surely be abt 18 - 30 yrs, and must surely know sth abt cameras, maybe even quite educated. ...

    Plse make a police report now.
    Yep, imo you're pretty naive. IT WAS STOLEN, not lost.. as much as we'd like to comfort you over your loss, it's pretty un-productive the way you're trying to get it back.

    What you can do is, create more awareness for camera users everywhere, make a police report, and forget about that stolen camera. If it comes back from the police, you're very very LUCKY. if it doesnt, you're just another typical victim of theft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesong
    Mr Manager, I am not ashame of myself.What I said are facts and I am one of the clubsnap members.I have said enough and do not wish to go further any more.
    yes, i'm sure you are not ashamed of yourself. i've also said enough. everyone can see for themselves what jesgirl meant.

    am i "not a clubsnap member" because my photography skills are not good enough or because i do not go for clubsnap outings?

    sorry for the strong words in my previous message, i was fuming mad at the fact that a simple issue can be misunderstood and interpreted in such a way. it doesn't make sense and i feel very sorry for the person who lost the camera who has to hear such words from you.

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    Sianzrong, I'm not the one...

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    jesgirl is really a girl...

    thank you for those who have responded in this thread, positive or negative, people who speak up for me, whoever it is. appreciate your opinions and suggestions. i hope this thread is to spread the word for my camera, not a place for argument. i do not know any of u, no point creating a racket here.

    i do admit i am naive hoping to get my camera back. but at least i tried to do something about it rather than just sitting here doing nothing. u will understand my feelings if u have ever encountered such things. u will be merely desperate and will try all possible ways that may help to get it back.

    i lost my fujifilm 40i last year during a holiday trip (jiuzhaigou, china). it happened in a busy eating house. sometimes i feel the heartache not just becoz losing a camera, but the many pictures i have taken in the 128mb card. so it's not just "forget about it" and "get a new one". it's all your valued photos.

    i'm sure many of u have heard of the recent accident in jiuzhaigou. while feeling sad for those people, it kinda reminded me of my lost camera. and alas! i lost another camera again... think i'm going to develop a "camera phobia"...

    if u have noticed, i have not used word like "thief" or something. i do learn a lesson and i just take it as someone has just picked it up. i do not even blame that person. whoever he is, if he happens to see this thread, just hope he will return to me. maybe people will start telling me to wake up again, but can't i just let out some "gas" here? there's already nothing much i can do. i will definitely have to get over it... though it will take time...

    thanks again for reading this thread.

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    Hope to got back your camera soon...

    that stealer is a bloody

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesGirl
    Not sure if he reads this thread. If he does, hope he still has some conscience by returning it to me. When I say I won't pursue the matter, I really mean it. Just pass it to my mother during the day and say you're returning it as a friend. Nobody in my family will be suspicious as I didn't tell them that I actually lost a camera.

    Hope I can return home one day with a good surprise
    Sorry to hear about your situation.

    I dont think the person.. whoever it is going to read this thread. And even if he/she/it did.. they would probably not be willing to return it. If something was taken.. it was taken.. it was taken with an intention to keep it..

    Again.. I am sorry for your lost.. making a police report is the best thing to do.

    It is also my believe that Jamesong meant well with his postings, and was saying that we should be careful that it does not imply that cs members are thieving people. As far as my contact with cs people.. they have all been honest, friendly and nice people to be around with.

    So guys and girls ligthen up. The theft is serious.. the comments were serious too.. but lets take it in good nature, and culture, and be mature about things.

    Many occasions in life we say and write things at the spur of the moment.. as is both jesgirls and jamesongs postings are. nothing should be held against either. Some it will sting.. sometimes it will humour.. so again.. lighten up guy and girls. I have learn thru bitter experience.. that before you say anything or do anything.. you should take a step back and ask yourself what are the consequences of writing that or saying that.. or doing that.. as manager said.. he was writing in a heat of anger.. not a good thing.. take a deep breath next time.. and see how you will write differently.. it helps.

    I am not flaming anyone.. and not stabbing anyone.. just saying my peace.

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    I think its time to put this thread to rest - commiserations to Jesgirl for losing something which she probably holds dear, but realistically speaking, the chances of the person who took it being a ClubSNAP member is very very very slim (% of members vs population of Singapore), and the chances of them being a ClubSNAP member and feeling guilty enough to return the camera even with amnesty is even slimmer.

    To stop this thread from degenerating, I will now lock it.

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