Date: 25 April 2009, Saturday
Time: 2pm to 7pm
Fees: S$150/- per person

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Venue: THE RIVERWALK, #01-01, 20 Upper Circular Road
(located in-between Boat Quay & Clarke Quay)
(Nearby MRT stations: Clarke Quay, Raffles Place & City Hall)

Instructors: Lin Junjie | & Lance |

Workshop Overview:
A travel photography workshop with a strong focus on how to shoot images suitable for microstock. It's part of our earn as you learn programme.

Learn how to take better travel photographs with practical tips, techniques, tricks and approaches.

This is a comprehensive workshop with insights, advices and experienced gathered from a decade of collective experience in travel photography. Our team of instructors have travelled to shoot around the world, from Cambodia to Cuba.

There will be a practical field trip included to help you digest what you will learn in our theory lessons.
This will be followed by a review session with a quick portfolio analysis to help you develop further on your own.

Workshop Outline

Techniques & basics for travel photography
- composition, lighting, sense of perspective, choice of exposure settings, approach to getting your shots

Research & Preparation
- Getting the most out of your travel itinerary
- know what have been done and how you could do better. Learning by comparison
- finding an approach to differentiate yourself.

Useful tips & tricks
- gathered from various professionals, helpful techniques, tips and tricks to make your images more impressive.

Question of Style
- everyone shoots travel images. How do you stand out from the crowd. How to find and define your own style?

Shooting editorial stock
- packaging your images as photo stories.

Selling your travel images
- learn about how to sell your images to fund your next travel

Practical field trip
- shoot around City Hall & Raffles Place in smaller groups led by instructors

Review of images shot in field trip & portfolio analysis

Shooting for microstock
- earn as your learn
- finance your hobby in travel photography

note: earnings from microstock photography will be very modest for the first few months. Don't expect to profit a lot from it but the rewards from earning a little income from your travel shots can be very motivating and satisfying.

To sign up or for more information, pls email us at
or sms us at 90992285