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Thread: Autofocus or Manual Focus?

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    Default Autofocus or Manual Focus?


    Was wondering which is better . .
    cause when i autofocus , i realise sometime i cannot get the things i want to be in focus.
    e.g. i want the background to be out-of-focus and focus only the front object.
    and sometimes i want the front object to be focus and background out-of-focus.

    i find that, to do it, manual focus is much easier .
    but i realise that it depends on my skills for focusing correctly.
    and i also get to select the focus point in my viewfinder. (D90).

    any comments for me?

    Thanks !

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    Default Re: Autofocus or Manual Focus?

    when doing MF, make sure your diaopter is adjusted to your eyesight.

    ensure u are not in area focus, focusing mode is set to single. AF-S mode

    if your object is near try to use the nearest focus point among the 11 points u got to focus and recompose, avoid using the center point if your object of focus is very near the right or left. (on my D80, i found that focusing and shifting to recompose, if shift is too much when the object is near the focus tend to be out)

    use your DOF preview button also to check the bokeh effect.
    D80/D700 18-135/17-50/14-24/24-70/70-200/70-300/50/60 SB600/900

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    Default Re: Autofocus or Manual Focus?

    unless you're very fast with your MF, then of course go AF. as for your problem, im using a canon so not very sure about your D90, but I would select a single point AF instead of a multi point one. this way i can be precise on where I wan my focus to be. i know sometimes multi point AF can get really irritating as it focuses on either subjects in front or between objects of starker colour contrast, even though you want something else.

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    Default Re: Autofocus or Manual Focus?

    You also need to be clear what aperture you want for desired effect besides focus point. It affects the DOF.

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    Default Re: Autofocus or Manual Focus?

    Learn how to use your spot AF sensors. Also learn how to focus and recompose (it's in your manual too)


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