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Thread: Anyone tried to make a .HDRI file?

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    Default Anyone tried to make a .HDRI file?

    Hi all

    Not too sure whether this topic belongs here but it should be the closest place.

    I'm doing some 3d renderings using hypershot + rhino3d program. In hypershot they need a .hdri file which is like a 360 deg sphere image. i read online that u need to take multi hdrs (which include multiple exposures) to stitch together to form a .hdri file.

    anyone tried making one or any experiences to share? or even places to download these files?

    thanks for reading


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    Default Re: Anyone tried to make a .HDRI file?

    Wrong forum dude....

    You can find .hdri files in lots of places, google for it.
    Just to get you started off:


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