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Thread: swopping the axis of ur mouse

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    Default swopping the axis of ur mouse

    while editing photos, sometime i wish i can view the portrait photo as it is and rotate the lcd monitor, this i get to see the bigger photo on the screen.

    but axis of the mouse is a problem. than i found this in the net.

    reverse the x, y axis and rotate 90deg.
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    Default Re: swopping the axis of ur mouse

    Or if the video driver allows ( which most current Nvidia / ATI do ) e.g nVidia Control Panel to rotate the entire setup to portrait in accordance to ur rotated LCD.


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    Default Re: swopping the axis of ur mouse

    the Dell monitors i worked with allows u to swivel them to landscape and portraits,
    and then u can adjust the orientation from Nvidea's Control Panel like what giantcanopy mentioned..

    *just to add, when doing portraits photos, in portrait orientation it REALLY is stinking bigger! and much easier to work with!


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