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    Basic Studio Lighting Course
    by +

    Lesson ONE: 31 MAY, Sunday 3pm - 5pm (Classroom + Location)
    Lesson TWO: 07 June, Sunday 3pm - 5pm (Studio)
    Lesson THREE: 14 June, Sunday 3pm - 5pm (Studio)

    Class size: max 6 person
    min 4 to start

    Fees: S$180 per person

    Early Bird Discount - $10 less if you sign up before 15 April
    Facebook Discount - $5 less if you are a member of our facebook group
    Bring a friend discount - S$10 if you get a friend to join too.

    Most studio lighting books and courses try to impress you with multiple strobes setup. Students learn by copying the light settings and positions but they often fail to understand the "WHYs" and "HOWs"

    The true essence of learning studio lighting is to understand how each single strobe contributes to the overall setup.

    Too often, when an amateur could not achieve a certain lighting effect, they attempt to improve it by introducing another light. The confusion gets worse as more lights are added without understanding how each one works.

    With just one strobe only, an expert studio photographer can give you more interesting lighting setting than an amateur using three or more lights.

    This "ONE LIGHT ONLY" course will train you to master thoroughly the various lighting effects that can be achieved with a single strobe.
    You will understand lighting principles and concepts so well that you can do wonders with just your speedlights, camera flashes. Good for those who can't afford to shoot in a studio frequently. You can apply your lighting knowledge in your daily photography, outside of a studio.

    Less theory and more hands-on, every student will get lots of chance experimenting with studio lights under the attentive guidance of our instructors. With a maximum class size of 6 students at most, you don't have to queue and wait for your turn.

    Once you understand the basics and fundamentals, lighting with multiple strobes become very easy and natural to you.

    Topics covered:
    (1) What to look out for in a good studio
    (2) How to set up your own studio, at home, onlocation or a full-fledge one
    (3) Getting familiar with both Bowens & Elinchrom lights, two most common brands
    (4) Equipment handling and safety
    (5) How to use one light efficiently & effectively
    (6) How to add more multiple lights (for the right reasons)
    (7) Understanding light - learn to analyse how others do it!
    (8) Practical hands-on. lots of it
    (9) Lighting on-location - how to mix flash with ambient light
    (10) Improvising - using your own speedlights if you can't afford a studio yet.
    (11) How to use your own speedlight, camera flash more effectively for non-studio photography

    The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Road
    Centrally located along the Singapore River, in between Clarke Quay and Boat Quay
    Opposite Clarke Quay MRT station (2mins across)
    10mins walk from Raffles Place MRT & 2 bus-stops away from City Hall MRT.

    To register or sign up
    (1) email us at with your name and contact no.
    (2) Call or sms us at 90992285

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    here's a portfolio shot by our instructors for a commercial advertising job executed for an international brand that sells tweety bird fashion products. Felicia Chin is the celebrity who endorses this advertising campaign.

    A raw feel was preferred by the client for this job and the art director specifically asked for a photographic style similar to that of famed German fashion photographer Juergen Teller.

    Hence only one light was used.

    These images can be seen used as a billboard-sized advertisements in Bugis junction. It's a good example of how good images can be taken with just ONE LIGHT ONLY.

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    for those who wish to start earlier, there's a thursday class starting on 07 May

    details here

    only two slots left in that class. hurry

    90992285 or

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    Is this class still on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fleaz View Post
    Is this class still on?
    Hi Fleaz,

    Yes, the "ONE LIGHT ONLY" course is still scheduled to start on 31 May.

    pls email us at if you are interested to sign up

    We can also be contacted via 90992285. Good to leave an sms in case if we dun pick up the call as we may be in the middle of a class.


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