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Thread: Have a spoilt n80, want to buy e63

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    Default Have a spoilt n80, want to buy e63

    Hi, as per title, I have a spoilt n80 (not sure what spoilt - the screen is always white) that spoilt 3 weeks after warranty expired last year. I've been using a samsung z240 since then.

    My dad wants to get a e63 for himself and for me. Both the e63 and n80 are from M1. Can I trade in the old phone and gain credit?

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    Default Re: Have a spoilt n80, want to buy e63

    i doubt M1 will want ur phone.

    my previous phone i trade my nokia 6820 for N73.

    The condition its like 5/10 , screen also got problem. auto shut down.

    2G phone is still the best to use. im using Nokia 8910i . No lag , No Worries.

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    Default Re: Have a spoilt n80, want to buy e63

    I don't think, M1 retail outlets will accept it. But you can try the authorized dealers. They might give you something for the phone at least. I was looking at the E63 too, but in real life, it doesn't look so good. Only the red coloured version is nice. The blue one is way too dull. I bought the Nokia 5800 instead. A good phone too. You might want to check out on that as well.


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    Default Re: Have a spoilt n80, want to buy e63

    Ahah, u again arh

    U seem to have alot of HP problems/decisions troubling u recently....

    Ok, anyway, M1 do not accept phones with screen problems.... U might wanna try those small time HP kiosk in your neighbourhood. They usually have got way better trade in prices for your HP, and they generally do not mind a spoilt screen, coz they would be able to repair it themselves.... But do note, u might need to give them a discount for taking in your phone. Maybe $50 or less??


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