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Thread: Cheap Developing of Digital Photos

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    I am trying to 'develope' a rather big volume of my digital photos (about 300 shots) to physical photos.

    Could anyone tell me where I can go for cheap developing of digital photos? I went to this shop in Bishan but felt that their quote of 35cents per photo (4R size) is too high.


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    Default Re: Cheap Developing of Digital Photos

    Try Harvey Norman?

    Currently they are having promotion... $0.19 per 4R photo... minimium 300 pieces.
    Quality quite ok.

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    Default Re: Cheap Developing of Digital Photos

    if you are not too concern about the quality, you can find many places offer very cheap photo prints.

    if you want better quality, check out Useful addresses of common photographic equipment/services shops

    it is better to pay a premium to get the print nicely done from quality labs, rather print it cheap and later not happy with the outcome.
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    cheap mass production usually go auto-pilot but having said that the result doesn't mean no good. if your exposure is spot on, the prints will come out good. quality labs corrects each image and inspect each print as they come out hence the premium price.

    you have to decide which is more acceptable.

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    I know of a place at chinatown, 2nd floor of chinatown point there's an exit linking to another shopping mall just at the exit there's a shop $0.15 cents for 100pcs or more. I paid abt $16 dollars after developing 200+ PICS

    Hope tat it helps



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