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Thread: WTS: Cassiopeia E200 + Accessories, Nokia 6510

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    Default WTS: Cassiopeia E200 + Accessories, Nokia 6510

    Am consider selling my E200 as I am will be using a Fujitsu Loox.
    Bought for $882.50 on 19 Jan warranty has expired. However, this set was 1-for-1 exchanged on 19 July 2002. Has receipts to show.
    JX710AAD-7BP124 series.

    Excellent Condition except for slight paint peel at the sides.

    Comes with all basic accessories intact (CDs, Charger+Cradle, Unused Casio Case, Warranty cards, Receipts and Box)

    Includes Additional (to be sold in a set)
    - 1 x Panasonic 16MB SD Card
    - 1 x Original Casio Charger AD-C54240 (Bought $59 14 June 2002)
    - 1 x Fulbond X1-815 11Mbps 802.11b Type I CF card (Bought $244.80 8 June 2002)

    Interested, please PM or SMS (96835694) me your offers. Thanks.

    Also for sales: Nokia 6510

    In mint condition, includes charger and box. Warranty just expired.

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    Default self promo

    upz for myself

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    Rp for yr 6510?

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    anyone takers for the E200?

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    Moved to Kopitiam.

    Please note that Clubsnap Buy & Sell is only for photography-related items.

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