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    Is there any method that i can select a few photos to create borders around it with signatures on it at one shot?rather than creating it,one photo after another.

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    my england is not very powerful, have to read and read many times to understand what are you trying to say,

    what you looking for is call batch processing of creating borders/signtures.

    many programe can to do that, as long it able to create border/signatures and have batch processing function.

    if you have photoshop, it can do that, create an action to record the process, than run auto batch processing

    if you want to have a freeware, faststone can do that.
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    It depends where you want to place signature, batch processing may not be good. For example, if you insist signature must be on the picture, batch processing may cause some signatures writting on undesired places - face, object etc. Hence, manual processing is better in that sense.

    Nevertheless, you can place your signature on the borders which will not cover the picture. The other alternative is to watermark in replacement of signature.

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    Default Re: photoshop borders

    make a photoshop action to create the borders and use the automate command

    btw thread moved to digital darkroom

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    thanks guys,i will try it out.

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    hello YorksSan

    Batch process may not be suitable for every picture, especially when you you want to do a nice cropping to the every individual picture. Here's how you can do it effectively:

    1. Create a blank document with an image size setting, for example 900 x 590 pixel or any other dimension you like, resolution at 72 dpi (for screen).

    2. Next set background layer to 0 by double clicking it, this becomes Layer 0, on the same layer, select all resize to allow space for drop shadow around it. Duplicate this layer, now becomes Layer 1.

    3. On Layer 1 cut out the center area to create a border, you can adjust the size or spacing by holding onto the space bar while clicking & dragging with the rectangular marquee too, once you're set, press 'Delete' on keyboard, this creates a window that you can see through with white border around it, size of border is up to you.

    4. Back to Layer 0, apply drop shadow effect.

    5. Next create a new set layer (folder), this become Set 1, select Layer 0, 'Load Selection' under 'Select' menu, then click OK, you'll see running ants selection,

    6. Next select Set 1 layer, click 'Add Layer Mask', this create a masking revealing only the center portion.

    7. On Set 1 layer, drag your photo into this set layer, crop your picture by resizing it to your own liking. Repeat these procedure if you have many photos.

    8. Lastly, create your signature layer and make it the top layer.

    Hope you find this useful. Happy shooting.
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    i will try it out,thanks alot!


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