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my budget its roughly 1k max if i want to step into DSLR.
if a PnS would be roughly 500 odd?

i'm more of a part-timer shooter, i only shoot photos when i head out in the streets or with friends. DSLR could be bulky but i guess i'm able to carrry and hold on to it without any problem.

as stated by some of the CSer, the compacts would not make much of a different with my old compact if i get a new one. is it really true? mine is like a super old model. not sure what is offering out in the market now.

if getting a DSLR, Sony A350 would be a good choice? I read on some of the threads stating that people should look at Nikon D90 or Canon 450/1000 series at lease. i didnt read up much on other brands. however, if getting a DSLR, i would shift more towards a canon as my friend owns a couple of lens which can be shared. But the camera would not fit into my limited budget.

advise to look for mid range cams or die die stick to getting a DSLR. Sony A350 or hang tight and save up more $$$ to get a Canon 450/1000?

thanks in advance.
First of all I would have to say that for a 1K budget for DSLR, you're only going to be able to afford the body and the kit lens. With the kit lens, typically 18-55mm, you will be restricted to taking landscapes and close up shots.

With a budget of $500, you'd be mainly looking at PnS cams if you want to buy new. The prosumer cams would mostly be $600 and above. Otherwise in the second hand market you could probably get a Canon G7/G9 for that price.