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Thread: Church Wedding - Tips for me?

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    Default Church Wedding - Tips for me?

    I should be helping my friend take photos for 3 phases:

    - Preparation in Church
    - Church Wedding
    - Post-Mass

    - Groom's Tea Ceremony

    - Bride's Tea Ceremony

    I'm going to be the 3rd digital photographer there (1 on the groom side, 2 on the bride's) with the pro using SLR. So I'll focus on telling a story of the wedding. Therefore less posed shots with more candid shots.

    I only have a Olympus C730 (technical limits; ISO Auto to 400, f2.8 - 8.0, Internal Flash becoz no money to buy flash cable or TTL flash, 10x zoom lens). I have been to that church twice already for weddings and know that without flash, its difficult to get a nicely exposed photo. So some things I wish to hear your opinion:

    1. Should I bring a tripod? I feel it will cramp my style, but it may allow me to take photos in lower light. Should I use the screw with thread method to stabilise my camera?

    2. Should I even use flash? Is it ok? Or should I just ask the bride and groom if its ok? Both are my long time friends.

    3. What kind of settings should I use as a standard approach?

    4. Any tips for me to know what to look out for? Any equipment that I should have to be able to take better photos?

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    No offence, since there's already 2 photographers, is there a need for a third? Things can get pretty messy.

    1) You shouldn't bring a tripod, it'll like get in your way, handheld your shots

    2) You'll need flash, you can't do without it. Of course, external speedlight is best if you can lay your hands on one

    3) It's a wedding, you don't have time for settings, just set to Auto and whack away If they're going to develop the photos, advise not to go beyond ISO200, I regret using a DC to shoot at ISO400, I can't reproduce large print outs without the noise

    4) Look out for the main photographer and his backup, note that when there are 3 cameras around, people tend to look at either 1 and the eye focus will go off, it might affect the shots.

    Seriously consider borrowing an external flash if you want better pictures, the f/2.8 on the DC is hardly sufficient even at 1/60 I feel. With a speedlight, you can get more evenly lit shots

    Hope it helps!

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    1) tripod:- have you use tripod before in an event shoot? if not, better try out BEFORE the wedding to see if it will 'cramp' your style. One have to be familiar with all the equipments to cut to the least amount of time needed to get the 'moment' you want.

    2) flash in church services: you have to confirm with groom/bride and the pastor/priest of the ceremony. Not all churches allow flash during the ceremony.

    3) No standard approach. for your c730, I think it is push to the limit already. use iso400 with f2.8, shoot MORE, edit with PS, show LESS. can even try neat image to filter out the noise.

    4) is this your first wedding shoot? if so, My advice: think of it as a story and go get 'items' to fit into the 'story' you want to present to the couple.
    and don't get any new equipment for the shoot if you are not familiar with it. Use tested method and equipment. Less stress.

    But since you have been to the church, and you think that with iso400, f2.8 cannot help get a nicely exposed photo, and no money to buy external flash:

    My last advice:- skip the church ceremony. you have reach the limits of your equipment.

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    okie. thanks for all the advice. I appreciate the information. I think I'll discuss with my friend to see what he thinks, since he and his wife are the bosses...:P. If only I can get a flash sync cable, becoz I have a one-pin external flash but no connector.

    Hmm. I haven't used a tripod for events yet, so I think I'll go play around with it abit first, since the wedding is 2+ weeks time. If I can handle it, I'll use it. who knows I can get nice shots of them?

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