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Thread: Look into my eyes.

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    Personally, I'd stick with the coloured version and with the crop.

    The red cushion on the left side was a bother and the arm rest on the right would be better off as a border to the pic.
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    title fits the picture and picture fits the title... you could have moved in closer for more impact. cheers!

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    Just to follow up here I think its a great pic to start with with the eye contact and nice soft lighting. THe eyes are a little to central for me and the right eye could use a little fill but no biggie.. I personally would have gone for the following crop

    It removes that red pillow as others have mentioned , raises the eye line to be off center and uses the paw as a leading line (somewhat) to the eyes.

    Overall a great start though.. Keep shooting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by magiklamp View Post
    Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for the suggestion and compliment on the dog. I have never thought of using black & white. Visually, I think the white part is a bit too 'loud' for me (over expose). But, unexpectedly the focus is much obvious on the face.

    I love looking at images of dogs. This one is well taken.
    If you find the white too loud, maybe some pp to bring out other
    parts of the pic into detail, eg the other eye which was originally
    quite dark.

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