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Thread: Canon DPP profiling

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    Question Canon DPP profiling

    Hi guys, like to check with those who use Canon DPP to process their images.

    Is there a way where u can convert the recipe .vrd format into the Picture Style .pf2 format? I wud want to load the vrd format instead or at least convert it to pf2 so that it can be loaded.

    I loaded a pic style into the 40D but so far it turns out that by using the Pic Style Editor to create the pf2 profile, the outcome of the pic is not what i wanted. It looks very diff from adjusting the pic using DPP even though the exact same adjustment is made on both apps.

    Here are a few pics done using the different profiles:

    Original Faithful style:

    Style Editor pf2 format:

    DPP recipe, the vrd format:

    Also anyone knows what the HSL, RGB & Lab do at the bottom right of the Pic Style editor? No effect whatsoever when selecting &, the slider at the bottom on the pic preview only has a HSL, not selectable to RGB.

    Thx a lot for any tips

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    Cannot make head or tail of what you are asking for. But based on my presumption, you are asking how to apply the recipe file on other images.

    Steps as follows if this is what you are asking for:

    1) Select an edited image and then select [edit] menu -> Save Recipe in file
    2) Select destination folder, file name and click save
    3) Select/Open new image to which Recipe is to be applied and then select [edit] menu ->[read and paste Recipe from file]
    4) Select the Recipe and click [open] button. Recipe will be applied to the file.

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    Default Re: Canon DPP profiling

    Hahaha... Thot i stated very clearly i wanted to load the vrd profile into the 40D, under "user def" 1, 2 & 3. But the cam only accepts pf2 format which i find not accurate to how i wanted it.

    thx for the heads up

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    Default Re: Canon DPP profiling

    If you are talking about converting a recipe file to picture style, then I don't think it can be done.


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