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Thread: is country of manufacture important to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by twisted illusion View Post
    for me personally, it matters... cos the culture of the people assembling or making the product is different... i been into a manufacturing line in japan, china, malaysia and thailand... no country beats the japanese culture... their ppl is so involved in their company product that they have so much pride that no good parts will never be place into the manufacturing line... if we using it for 3 years, doesnt really matters, but when it comes to a product with a longer lifespan, it really does make an impact.. but this is just me...
    The concrete that forms your house isn't made in Japan you know. Cause for concern there.

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    even greater cause for concern....just what corners were cut so that the contractor could get the construction bid from the developer. is the trend now gearing towards lowest quotation(pay peanuts get ****?) or paying the actual amount required?
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    It matters to a certain extent, for example if I pay top dollar, I expect top quality and most of the time top quality products are from the originate country like Nikon Japan, Honda Japan, BMW Germany etc.

    These manufacturer will only setup their assembly line in cheaper country for lower end product line, if the cost saving is pass down to consumer than I will not complaint, however if the manufactur insist on charging top prise to maximize their profit, then I will not buy, like Toyota Altis and Vios

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    but even if some items were made in, say japan, doesn;t mean japanese worked on them. prolly some cheap immigrant worker assembles the parts. we should know mah. made in singapore by malaysians, china girl and filipino pinoys. how? low quality meh?

    hahah, and one more thing...most of the buildings in singapore tho made in singapore but made BY bangala!

    so...i don really mind where they are madelor , as long as i got a good price vis-a-vis quality.

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