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Thread: Trip to Hong Kong - Advise Needed

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    Default Trip to Hong Kong - Advise Needed

    Hi All,

    I saw this earlier thread and didn't want to hijack it so I'm starting a new one:

    Same as evilorgi, I have my first trip to Hong Kong in July'09 and wanted to get some first hand inputs on how to manage the trip.

    Itinerary is: 1 day for Disney, 1 day for Oceanpark, 2 days for other places. So my questions are:

    First off, I'm planning on bringing my 40D; 17-55; 50mm and Benro Tripod on the trip. Is it advisable to still bring the tripod along? The only reason I'm taking it is so that I can take group shots with my family by remote and not have to ask a stranger to take the pic.

    Second: Is it better to have the hotel within the city or at Lantau island? If staying out late, will it be hard to get back to Lantau?

    Third: Is it cheaper to take a cab or to take the train? Saw in the earlier thread that if you're a group, it would be cheaper??? Out of the 6, 3 of us are paying...

    Fourth: Could you suggest some off the track places to go to? Other than Oceanpark, Disney, Big Buddha...(or different places to eat at)

    One last thing: its July -- would the weather be a problem? like typhoons?

    Thanks so much...!

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    Default Re: Trip to Hong Kong - Advise Needed

    1. U can bring any cameras and lens, Hong Kong ppl also carry expensive equipment around. If u intend to take your own group shot or night shot of course u should bring your tripod. I presume u carry the tripod around in Singapore too?

    2. Its better to stay in hotel in city, Lantau Island is far away from city, and at night if u take taxi from city back to Lantau it will cost about HK$300+ (S$60). U can take the train (abt HK$120 each) or bus (abt HK$20) but not convenient.

    3. HK taxi can only carry 5 passangers, cannot fit in 6 persons by law. (There used be some smaller taxi that can take in only 4 passangers but I think not many now) Just take note, HK is abt 2x the size of Singapore land area, and taxi is abt 3x more expensive, so if u are on budget u should take the MRT/MTR train and bus. Most ppl will buy a Octopus card (similar to Singapore's ezlink card).

    4. Too many places to suggest, Taipo Railway museum, Lantau Tai-O fishing village,TsingMa bridge viewpoint, HK harbour view, the Peak with tram ride, many mores.

    5. July is the beginning of typhoon season, last till Sep, but dont worry too much, chance of typhoon is not high, maybe 1 or 2 in the whole sesson, nowadays there will be plenty of advance warning before typhoon comes, in case u are going out in the open areas. If there is no typhoon, July in Hong Kong has very good weather though.

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    Default Re: Trip to Hong Kong - Advise Needed

    better to have a hotel within the City.
    Cheaper to take Train. Airport express from the airport to the city.
    Get one of those octopus card for tourist which allow u 3 days of unlimited usage.
    foodwise.... try almost everything...

    Must try the black current jelly ice cream at disney!!!

    Pigeon at Lung Wah Hotel in Shatin

    Yung Kee @ 32-40 Wellington Street for Roast Goose

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    Default Re: Trip to Hong Kong - Advise Needed

    Stay in Kowloon, take the train, and don't think too much. Go enjoy yourself.

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    Default Re: Trip to Hong Kong - Advise Needed

    Hong Kong is a place where you can just go without ANY planning and yet you will be so busy shooting, shopping, walking, etc..........
    always the Light, .... always.

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    Default Re: Trip to Hong Kong - Advise Needed

    Here is my list of must-see in Hong Kong, I arrange them in the order of importance to see, u probably will not be able to see all of these and need another trip!

    1. Hong Kong island
    湾仔香港会议展览中心 /金紫荆广场
    荷李活道 / 文武庙

    2. Kowloon side

    3. New Territory and Islands
    宝莲禅寺 / 天坛大佛
    志莲净苑 / 南莲园池

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    Default Re: Trip to Hong Kong - Advise Needed

    Bring your tripod, the will be fireworks in Disneyland every weekend, and HK has one of the most beautiful night scence.

    Stay in the city, and travel by MTR, MTR is relatively cheap and fast, the freq of every train is appox 2min or less. And it reaches almost every part of HK.

    There are a lot of places to suggest, and also depend what you want to see, maybe you can login to the HK tourism site.

    For seafood, you can try going to Lamma Island, to me, it is a nice and cosy place.

    July is generally good, i think the typhoon season will be slightly push back this year. So nice weather.

    Lastly, bring more $$$ to BBB camera stuff, the price there is .

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    Default Re: Trip to Hong Kong - Advise Needed

    My simple advise, don't take taxi & buses, if caught in the jam, thats it!! (i kena b4),
    take train is the best way out, furthermore HK train speed is much more faster than our MRT. Only disadvantage is can't see the view outside.

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    Default Re: Trip to Hong Kong - Advise Needed


    Thank you very much for the tips and guides. Very much appreciated.

    Astin - thanks for the travel tips and preparing the list. I'll make it my guide on what to do--and maybe--just maybe extend as of now...anything goes....

    Nisa - thanks for the food advice, my gf will surely be happy with the food suggestions...

    Gunbucker and Canonised - yes, will plan to have fun....kidding......I intend to have fun and make it as relaxed as possible....

    Leong23 - not the BBB virus!!! must avoid!....but will prepare (my pocket)...hehehehe

    Submarine71 - great advice...

    And to take this discussion further....

    1. Any recommended hotels? I have options but you folks have been there....your advise will be great!

    2. How did you bring your cash? hehehe....I used to bring traveler's cheques.... should I convert now while in SG or convert when I get there?

    Thanks again!!!!


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