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Thread: RAW file trouble

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    Default RAW file trouble

    I have a 10D, and whenever I take pics in RAW format, no image program can read them except Canon's file viewer utility...which is to say, less than marvelous. The files come out as .CRW files, and not even the new ACDsee can view them, or photoshop 7.0. Has anyone else had any trouble with these? Any solutions so I can edit in raw format instead of in compressed jpeg?

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    For photoshop, guess you'll need to install that plugin. As for other tools, you might want to try BreezeBrowser,

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    I would highly recommend Capture One LE. I used Breezebrowser for quite some time until I tried C1LE and never turn back.

    It is also the right time to get C1LE as you can now get third party 10D ICC profiles for C1 RAW conversion either FOC or at a nominal price over the internet. In RAW conversion, the right ICC profile is practically everything. Good as the generic 10D profiles that comes with C1LE (or for that matter Canon File Viewer or Breezebrowser) are, these third party profiles give color balances that are far better and more accurate.


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