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    Hi folks,

    If you have friends/family who are teachers or students, do note that there is an offer for the abovementioned at only $99 for the entire package. I don't really know if it's open to every secondary school though.

    the package includes: -

    Dreamweaver CS4
    Flash CS4 Professional
    Photoshop CS4 Extended
    Illustrator CS4
    Fireworks CS4
    Acrobat 9 Pro
    Soundbooth CS4
    Contribute CS4
    Adobe Bridge CS4
    Adobe Device Central CS4
    Version Cue CS4

    just thought i'd share the good news. link here

    pardon me if i'm WOLS....

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    This is well-known already. Also, you yourself have to be a student. If you're not a student but you use a student edition for your own work, it's piracy.


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