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Thread: Holiday at Pulau Pinang

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    Cool Holiday at Pulau Pinang

    Took some pictures while vacation in Penang. A great place to go for Makan.
    Please comments. Thanks!

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    Default penang pics

    Very interesting pics fm Penang, I like 3469 best. The perspective, the red lantern and external lights add interest to the composition, great shot!

    Just a suggestion:

    - reorganise yr pics by subject matter to enhance the whole presentation


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    Thanks! lOOkingEyes.

    u meant reorg by place of interest?

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    Please comments for improvement. Thank!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ender
    Thanks! lOOkingEyes.

    u meant reorg by place of interest?
    Just my personal preference…

    I noticed you have taken a variety of subjects, perhaps u may group by subject matter like:

    Scenery, pictorial, people, abstract/still life, nature, nitescene…etc

    You may also put them in nested album or just display them as the order listed above

    It will definitely improve my viewing experience….not sure whether this will work for the rest….

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    you've got some really nice shots there. some of the bw night scenes are bit dark - can't see detail. the shots from the hill are... i dunno what the description is... overexposed? or mebbe it was really hazy day... colours not very vivid. also gotta watch the horizon - there is a slight tilt right esp for the mosque (?) shots... (and left for DSCF3530). your still life and street are nice. good composition and colours. portraits are ok too. best shots are the ones at the beach - the boats/jetty etc. i agree perhaps you should arrange in some sort of order - hard to review so many at once in no real order


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