Wonderful 美少女抢拍系列 Bikini Sundress Bash with 3 Cute Babes

Enjoy a relaxing morning suntan with 3 cute bikini sundress babes, lets do something different, let the girls go into bikini top and sundress bottom.

Date: 4th april, Saturday

Time: 0830hrs to 1100hrs

Duration: 2.5 Hours (+ 30 min break)

Location: Will be revealed to paid participants.

Outfit: Bikini

Models: 3

Ratio 5 to 1 or 6 to 1

Cost: $40 ONLY

How to register?
1. Kindly PM or SMS me @ 8415 7830 with your name, nick & mobile number to reserve a slot.
2. Payment details will then be sent to you via SMS.
3. Shoot details will be sent to you via SMS after payment is made.
4. My email/msn : mic_tan@hotmail.com


photo credits to wayne


photo credits to gerald

photo credits to chew