The Substation Moving Images presents
6 April 2009
The Substation Theatre

First Take, happening every 1st Monday of the month at The Substation, is a popular screening of new local short films and is followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. A platform for new filmmakers and anyone who is interested in filmmaking to meet, exchange ideas and show their work. See the future talents of Singapore film!

1. COFFEE: BLACK / RICH HO / 7 MIN / 2008 / PG
Coffee: Black is about a man at a café who does everything in his power to savor his perfect cup of coffee. He keenly absorbs every nuance of feeling in the experience only to discover that he had accidentally forfeited the most essential element of all.

Rich had spent his life in mainstream education being infamous. After more than 15 films and awards, including being the 1st Singaporean digital short film nominee in the 2004 Taipei Golden Horse Awards, “Coffee: Black” reflects Rich’s mischievous nature in film by playing with the audience’s perceptions.

Fueda is a veteran stand actor at the Guinness Theatre and has been waiting for 20 years for a big break. He practices for his heyday in devotion but one day on reaching the theatre, he discovers he is needed no more… The final moments of an artist career turns into an endless quest into the lunatic zones of performance. In the flux of contemporary culture industry a stand actor becomes a muted shadow. In the days of digital reproduction & multimedia senses manual experience becomes simply replaceable.

Yakusha Co. Ltd is a zero budget digital production by a group of artists from various Asian countries. This short film is directed by Sreejith Remanan, a young theatre artist from India collaborating with Baby Hee, an experienced artistic collaborator from Monsoon Asia Art Gallery, Singapore (Camera and Editing) & Uichiro Fueda, a veteran from the Japanese instrumental acting practice (Main Lead) who shapes into a stand actor & Gokul Alex from India (Screenplay).

3. VIOLIN & TEA / DEREK WEE / 21 MIN / 2007 / PG
Angela & Dad. Natalie & Mom. Everything and everyone is connected, some way, some how. You & Me. Who’s to say what’s right or wrong? A story about love, friendship and life’s mysterious ways.

A recipient of Media Education Scheme Scholarship by Media Development of Authority Singapore (MDA), Derek was a producer and copywriter with a local production house before embarking on his dream to make films. He has made numerous short films to date.

SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME ALL YEAR ROUND! For more information or to screen your work at First Take, please visit our website at or contact the Programme Manager of Moving Images at 6337 7535 /

First Take is presented as part of The Substation Moving Images programme, supported by the Singapore Film Commission and Kodak as the main sponsor!