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Thread: photography books to be given away

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    Default photography books to be given away

    house cleaning for x'mas
    these books will be given away for free.
    1-art directors index to photographers volume 19
    2-the black book 27 edition
    3-graphis photo 96
    4-HKIPP 1993
    5-lingerie fantasies
    6-america cinematographer magazine (about 50 magazines)

    will bring the books to peninsular food court for collection on 29/10/03 at 1900pm OR 01/11/03 at 1030am for collection.( will decide one of these date)
    those interested please pm me.

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    Default Very interested


    I am interested with your book but the timing is abit early.
    Can i collect at nite. If u dun mind i can collect at your place.
    Dreams at Photoaid! Contact me, pls!

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    sorry friends for not been able to reply to u all.

    also very the sorry, the (5-lingerie fantasies) is no more availbale, because some one sms me and i promise to reserve this book for him. sorry.

    the books is in good condition about 95% new.

    due to too good the response, i will only bring the books to peninsular food court on wed nite at 1900pm or eariler if i can.

    who come first will be able to choose ONE book out of the rest. so a total of five person can have the books. book that are not taken up will then be allow for re choosing. sorry my english ready no good.

    so if during the process who ever is disspapointed due to what ever reason, i hold no responsibility. no promise my friend, very sorry.

    as for those who want to come over to my place for collection, i m sorry, as i tresaure my privacy.


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