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Thread: Lowepro Warranty & BAD services from Cathay Photo

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    Default Re: Lowepro Warranty & BAD services from Cathay Photo

    If you compare the local shops attitude vs some US online shops, the difference is really night and day.

    I recall there was a B&H person registered here in ClubSNAP and clarify CS members' concerns regarding B&H local warranty issues. This person is the same who frequent other popular photography forums such as dpreview etc... The other US online shop also frequent the online forums is Adorama.

    Shops such as B&H are concerned about how they are being viewed in the online community and they do try to make things right if realized that they are in the wrong. I also saw them take a firm stance when someone tried to smear them by giving out false information online. By monitoring the forums, they are able to make clarifications to the online community.

    I really doubt the local shops have people monitoring ClunSNAP postings. They might get alerts from their frequent customers when things here really turn bad but I have yet to see them register here and try to provide feedback or give their side of the story.
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    Default Re: Lowepro Warranty & BAD services from Cathay Photo

    Quote Originally Posted by sevenfightclub View Post
    Think TS was describing what happened that day, ie: no conclusion yet. I seriously hope CP is reading this and doing something about it and not taking their good biz for granted. Just seems like the number of complaints against them has gone up, at least from what my friends tell me, and what I read online. Then again, it's been quite some time and no reaction, so maybe they just don't care? At least not enough to recognize the importance of reacting swiftly to rectify the problem.
    I've bought quite a lot of stuff from CP before. I believe that the service depends a lot on the sales person serving you. I've experienced really GOOD dedicated service to the BOCHAP (e.g. everything "don't know") to the downright snobbish (e.g. I've had a sales person tell me to my face that I should only buy one of those mammoth tripods when I have enough cash).

    Will I still go back to CP?

    YES! because I trust them to sell original stuff.

    But nowadays I always stick to my favourite salesperson whenever I do so. I find that it is the best approach to shopping at such a place.
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