Hi selling a 19months old Apple PowerMac G4 for $1600 here are the specs...

processcer: PowerPC
processcer speed: 733MHz
bus speed: 133MHz
cache: L2 cache 256k

Hard Drive: 40GB-7200 rpm
CDRW - 12x

Memory: 1.1GB SDRAM (133) (128mb+512mb+512mb = 1152mb)

Apple Pro Keyboard and mouse (apple just give me a new mouse)

two 400 firewire ports
two 1.1 USB ports
56K modern (never use)
10/100/1000BaseT ethernet

can boot in MAC OS 9.2.2
Comes with MAC OS X 10.2
warrenty is out...
Just changed the powerbox and clock battery...

thats it... cash and carry... I stay at bukit panjang.

please ring or sms, thanks!
tel: 97770822, please dont PM.