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    Default Olympus E1

    Anyone knows how much the E1 costs?

    Anyone getting?

    Looks very tempting.

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    Eeee... no thanks, for me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by offspring
    Anyone knows how much the E1 costs?

    Anyone getting?

    Looks very tempting.

    Try to find compatible lens first.

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    Looking at the ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses blow my mind away!!!

    Imagine a 600mm f2.8 equivalent lens (the MTF charts is similar to that of a L lens) and also comes with filter accesories. Ah but beware yah, the front is a staggering 120mm, where to buy B+W UV filters???? But again, if you can afford this lens, you can afford that. This baby is a staggering 3kg (sama sama with the Sigma 50-500???)

    Other lenses include (35mm equiv - divide by 2 for actual mm):
    1) 22-44 f2.8-3.5
    2) 28-108 f2.8-3.5 (only 400+ grams)
    3) 100-400 f2.8-3.5 (only 1 kg)
    4) 100 f2 macro (a featherly 300 grams for handholding macro )

    To sweeten the deal, couple with a 1.4x TC with the 600mm f2.8 to get 960mm f4.... or if they ever release a 2x TC, a salivating 1200mm f5.6

    Oh did I mention that you can take pics of butterfly's eyelashes when you combine the macro with the 25mm extension tube...

    Even the lens bag looks a lot better than my canon's irritating grey drawstring racksack...

    Canon wake up lah, bo wah ai wa xiong ke liao (else I change system liao )
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    Well, next year is Canon's 70th anniversary, do expect new updated range of lenses, printers at PMA 2004, new bodies as well.


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