Ashes of Time
“… the heavy weight of time, the already lived, the forever past, and thus eternally lost …”

Hi people, we are back! We have come out with a series of budget shoots in the coming weeks relating to the theme: Ashes of Time. Through these shoots, you get to explore and shoot at the lost and disappearing places of Singapore. The following shoot will be the opening act of the series. And just as the excerpt has said, “… thus eternally lost …”
So, don’t miss it!!!

Date: 04/04/2009
Time: 0900 – 1130 (Inclusive of a 30 minutes break in between)
*Chilled refreshment will be provided
Photographers-Model Ratio: 4:1 (Min) – 7:1 (Max)
No. of Models: 2 (Hui Hui and Geck Geck)
Outfit: Fashion (2 Sets each)
Price: $30 ONLY!