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Thread: Macbook 13" Aluminum - Where to buy, and what accessories?

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    Default Re: Macbook 13" Aluminum - Where to buy, and what accessories?

    Quote Originally Posted by Headshotzx View Post
    Will be going to iShop tomorrow to purchase the mac if they have. If they don't, I'll head to apple epicentre @ orchard.

    Will also be getting the Incase 13" hard-shell case.

    Thanks all.

    Go go go.... you will love your new mac...

    other than a decent wireless mouse (eg mcrosoft mouse), you wont need much more gadget. As for softwares for editing photos, you can get educational version down the road. just remember say no to piracy for mac softwares.

    oh, you may want to invest in a small usb fan or get a table fan to direct air to circulate at it at home. Keeping the mac running cool is one of the best ways to keep it last longer especially when one is doing processor intense operations (ie 3D rendering, batch file processing for photos, etc). It runs consistently fast.

    As for the shell case, i would only put on the top cover but leave the bottom alone to allow better air circulation. But thats just my preference. some will disagree with me, but to me, heat dissipation is key
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    Default Re: Macbook 13" Aluminum - Where to buy, and what accessories?

    Okay, I got the macbook from epicentre @ suntec. My dad decided to go there due to convenience sake.

    Got the macbook and they had a S$200 voucher that expired today. So I got a 320gig freeagent portable hdd, apple remote, palm-rest-sheet-protector and mini-display to vga adapter.. had to only pay S$62 for all those accessories.

    Still need to find a sleeve. I'm going for something not so ex, but black in color. Anyone know laptop neoprene sleeves for less than S$25?

    Very happy with my macbook! Thanks for all the help, guys!

    (a happy apple mac convert )
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    Default Re: Macbook 13" Aluminum - Where to buy, and what accessories?

    Epicentre ( Or get a poly student to purchase from school ( The poly offers come with CS4 and 3-year Applecare.

    Zexun: Why not spend a little more for the iWorld sleeve at $39? I got mine from Epicentre.

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