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Thread: Photography style??

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    Hmmm got a few quite usual sifus here who have their own style if i'm not wrong. Futagoza, Ejun and Soh Wanye. One look and you know it's their work liow.

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    style as it is highly subjective and debatable. two photographers can have similar styles in photography but yet, the output is vastly different.

    Nightmare has his own style in landscapes and I dare say that he is one of the best landscapes photographers here in CS.

    Again, it depends on which genre you talking about and what is it that you take it from there.

    Nightmare is a landscape photographer. For me I do portraits, so let me take a one or two as an example.

    Take Deadpoet for instance. If you look at his portfolio carefully both the nudes and non-nudes, he relies more on ambient light to create moods. His style as well is to blow everything in the background to achieve a HK effect in an outdoor environment. His pictures has got a couple of elements which makes it his distinctive style. 1) White Shirts, 2) Clean and Simple, 3) props like scarfs are among the many others.

    Another example will be Ejun. Again, he has his distinctive style which could be seen. Unlike DP, his is mor muted and subduded. But yet one striking feature is the mood he creates in all his photos and that is a little moody and sensual. He has a preference for desatuaration of colours and his pictures if you ever noticed, has a slight grainy feel.

    Two portrait photographers. Different styles of shooting. Whether one works for the other is another thing. I have met both of them before so I sort of know their styles in shooting.

    To find your own style is not easy. As DP has told me personally before, the key thing here is to shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot until you look at all the pictures you have taken find out which style suits you the most, stick to it and perfect it. There is no harm trying to find out. As it is, you can take a leaf from many photographers works and try to compose each of their styles into your own. While many will say that you are copying, but the thing is this: Whatever is original has been used and rehashed over and over again. Ultimately it is you who is the creator. If you can take something that has been done many times over and create something to call your own each time you produce a picture, that is your style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamergod View Post
    sorry to trouble you again nightmare.Can you please help me name out different styles and please go into detail like for compositon,where to place your pictures.Tone, light or dark and how to achieve the effect thank you and sorry to trouble you
    style is not definitive.

    for instance, writers have their own style too. when you read it u know it's their works. it's liek a trademark way of approach in writing.
    similarly, poets have their own style of writing poems. composers have their own style of composing music. singers have their own style of singing. it's something like adding their own "flavour"

    hope u will understand!

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