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Thread: which dslr?

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    Default which dslr?

    hey people. im new on clubsnap.
    my mum wants to buy me a dslr later part of this year but i dont know which to get.
    budget below 1.6?
    was thinking of a D90 kit. im currently on a panasonic DMC-FX33 (PnS)

    some of the pictures i took.

    and my edits:

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    What exactly do you want to do with your DSLR? And how proficient are you in taking photographs?

    For DSLRs, I don't think there is much difference between the entry models of different manufacturers. You can also consider the Canon 500D which should be out in the second half of this year.

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    Default Re: which dslr?

    There is still plenty of time since you are getting the cam at the later part of the year. More new models will be out by then and you may want to look at it then.

    As I have mentioned many times, all entry level DSLRs are able to give you decent pictures and they generally cost below $1K. Just look at the features and study the pros and cons of each brand's cam and decide for yourself which suits you better. A Nikon user will recommend Nikon and a Canon user will recommend Canon so how are we going to recommend to you? Besides you are the one using the cam and not us.

    Just shortlist the entry level cameras from each brand and try them out in a shop to see which is more comfortable to you. No point I tell you which to get and you're not comfortable with it. Play around the cam to see if it's easy for you to change the settings of the cam and see what are the features missing from these cams.

    When trying out the cams in the shops, do not be influenced by the sales person as very often they will recommend something which gives them the highest amount of commission instead of getting something to suit your needs. Just listen to your heart.
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    I feel D90 kit 18-135 is good, you may try it out. As mentioned by Galdor, each C or N user will recommend their cam. You need to know the money you (your mom) willing to spend.

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    Wow, can i switch mom with u? Haha

    Anyway, D90 looks good. But Canon juz launched 500D. Both are cameras with specs very close to each other. But i think 500D will cost less than D90. Since u r getting it at the end of the year, why not wait in the meantime.

    Go rent potential camera models which you might be getting from both brands and see for yourself. Feel it too. As long as u feel comfortable with it, then go get it. Furthermore, by year end, D90 will be somewhere like 1yr old and 500D will probably be 6mths old. New models may come along the way. So wait patiently. In the mean time, do read more and get to know your potential camera.

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    Is $1.6k for the entire camera system or camera alone?
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    Default Re: which dslr?

    Quote Originally Posted by Reportage View Post
    Is $1.6k for the entire camera system or camera alone?
    Entire system!?!? body + kit lense is not entire system leh.

    DSLR Entire system means: body, zoom lenses, a few prime lenses (different focal lenght), tele converter, bellows, macro lense, different flashes, wide angle lenses, fisheye lense(s), dry box, a few tripods, monopod, camera bag(s), vest, umbrella, reflector(s), filters, good computer to photoshop, good quality display, licensed copy of photoshop, HDR capable editors, photo stichers, good printers, colour calibrator ... fan (wind generator), power source .. models

    a minivan to bring those, a room dedicated as studio

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