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Thread: Camera waist bags.

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    Default Camera waist bags.

    does anyone have a listing of waist bags available in sg as well as where and if possible how much?

    Thinking of grabbing a Lowepro Off Trail/Off Road but would like to see whats available currently.
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    Default Re: Camera waist bags.

    The Lowepro waist belt design is very uncomfortable to wear. Its belt is not well-padded, and the length always self-loosens. I recommend looking at Think Tank's series of waist pouches. They are very well designed, with plenty of pockets for odds and ends, and well worth their price.
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    I have a Lowepro Off Road, and I think it's good enough for me so far. It has 2 lens pouches that can be detached at the sides, and I use that to contain a long lens and a flash. Spacious bag, if not a little big. Can get heavy if you try to fill the bag completely. For me, the max I carry is usually my D300, a 75-300, a flash, and another lens depending on where I'm going. Of course, little accessories like extra batt, cleaning cloth, extra CF card and stuff are always there. I think it's padded well enough.
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    Default Re: Camera waist bags.

    Horses for courses. I got a mix and match OffTrail 1/2 and works pretty well ( holds my 70-200/2.8, my load of T/S lenses etc ..) overseas

    Although I have no personal experience with Think Tank.
    I suppose you can try on with some load and see.


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    I've the lowepro inverse 200 & is happy with it. Great for if you want to carry a backpack during travel and still have quick access to your stuff. The padding is thick and nice.

    Wearing it in front with a backpack behind almost kindda balance you

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    wont be using it to stuff a lot of gear. I find that most of the jobs i do now do not need me to bring out my equipment.

    need something that will fit a K20D with 28-105, 18-55, 75-300, flash, spare batteries/memory cards/filters and a flat PnS.
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    Default Re: Camera waist bags.

    I had just bought the Toploading AW 70 recently. Initially, I also wanted to buy the Off Trail 2 as the price is reasonable as I want to have a bag for quick access to the camera. I end up buying the Toploading AW 70.
    I didn't buy the Off Trail 2 because firstly, I went to a few shops to ask for Off Trail 2 and they told me it's out of stock. Secondly, I afriad that it quite tight for my camera with vertical grip to zip up. Therefore, I consider buying the Toploading AW70 which fit nicely for my camera with vertical grip. After buying, I realise that Toploading AW 70 is good! I can access the camera very fast and I improve on the bag by buying a belt at Beach Road where many army guys often go. The belt and shoulder sling together can balance the weight.

    The main reason that I like toploading AW 70 over Off Trail 2 is I can add addition bags into the bag system by having a belt. I use the belt to hang the Toploading AW 70. If I don't feel like using the belt, I can always use the shoulder sling but I use both together because it will balance the weight. Off Trail 2 always have a belt whic I cannot detach and I cannot add too many addition bags on the belt because of the design.

    Currently, I had bought a water bottle bag to insert into the belt. I cann add a few more things in hang over the belt which is very mudular. If you like, you can buy a hareness to add into the belt. It is very modular and versatile! I had a friend who is doing that!

    I had a few bags for different purposes and I add this bag into my collection of bags because
    1) I feel very hot on my back if I carry backpack so I like to have a belt type.
    2) I realise that I am slow to get my camera out using the backpack bag. For the toploading bag, I can quick access for the camera.
    3) I do not like to carry too big bag or too many things for taking photo which make me feels clumsy.
    4) I also want easy access for my lenses and can change lenses without having to put down my bag to change lenses. I realize that it is easier to change lenses, access to my camera and lense with toploading bag.

    Well, this is just my personal opinion.

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    Default Re: Camera waist bags.

    Quote Originally Posted by RayQuek31 View Post
    I had just bought the Toploading AW 70 recently.
    I used to have a Toploader, and the funny thing is that I have a small, light lens & because the body is actually heavier than that, my bag always goes upside down!! With the narrow,pointed part

    Best to bring down try.

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    Default Re: Camera waist bags.

    I'm using an offtrail 2 but replaced one of the pouches with a rezo 10. I can fit my D90 with battery grip inside, with my flash and 50mm in one side pouch and my spare P80 in the rezo. still have enuff space on top for memory cards and spare batteries for my flash.


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